Korpus Academy, under the management of Shalom Oz (Uziel), was opened with a desire to bring a new level of training to the security market. A level of openness and progress, practice and professionalism, and thinking and results in all fields, with a focus on determination, leadership, and family.
Korpus Academy based in Israel, will serve as a home for all in the security field and should lead the market in training with both humility and determination.
​The academy offers a variety of courses, including: Security Managers course, Shooting Instructor course, Interrogation course, and more.
​Korpus Academy works to create custom courses to match the needs of its clients, and to streamline efficiency, effectiveness, and cost.
Korpus Academy offers a number of consulting services drawing from the professionalism and rich background of the faculty members, including: Risk Assessment, Theft Prevention, Integrated Security Solutions, and more.

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